Any business carried out in MBKT administration area require to get a business license.

  • General License
  • Hawkers And Small Retailers License
  • Industrial License

Applicants should fulfill the above rules within 14 days from the date of this letter. Failing to do so could cause this application will not be considered.


General License

  1. General Rules
    • License should be exhibited at all time at obvious place.
    • License cannot be transferred
    • The cleanliness of premise/eating place and the surrounding area should always be taken care of.
  2. Physical Structure
    • Premises should be repainted outside and inside
  3. Obstruction
    • It is y prohibited to put goods or other things for sale on the pathway
    • It is prohibited to obstruct side roads/back lanes and roadsides
    • Obstruction or hindrance at the entrance/exit is not allowed
  4. Sanitary Facility
    • To provide a good toilets and washrooms and their cleanliness should always be taken care of
  5. First 'Aid Facilities' (Emergency Aid)
    • To provide a first aid box and should always be equipped with medicines.
  6. Dumping And Disposal of Garbage
    • All unused materials should not be dumped all over the places but they should properly organized or thrown away
  7. Provide suitable and covered dustbins
  8. Fire Department Rules
    • To provide 9 kg fire extinguisher of dry charge type – ABD
    • Fire extinguishers should be sent to Fire Department every year to be tested
    • All fire extinguishers should be hanged 1 meter above the floor and near the exit ways so that they can easily be seen and grabbed.
    • All exit ways should be free from obstructions and hindrances.
  9. Perfect drainage system should be provided and maintained.